kaya mag bblog nalang ako. anumpakemo.


This is my blog, either you read it or hit the escape button.

About the blogger:

  • I hate it when people ask about my age then give me a “WEH!?” look afterwards.
  • I’m tall and awkward. I have huge eyes, huge nose, huge mouth, huge face, man hands and gigantic feet.
  • I am a reverse snob. I don’t like people who spend more than the usual just for a freaking coffee.
  • I love gross humour as much as I love being with people who gets easily grossed out by boogers, farts, cockroaches, smelly feet, body odor, bad breath, stinky hair, earwax, poop, etcetera. I find these kinds of people hilarious.
  • I want to be alone at times where I’m too lazy to talk, walk, laugh, listen, and move.
  • People find me intimidating, probably because I’m huge or I always look as if I’m about to punch them in the face. If anything, I am a peace lover, so just say “Hi”, I don’t bite.
  • For me, the best way to get rid of someone is to not shower and brush for a week.
  • I get attracted to girls more often than guys.
  • Someone once told me, “Personality will never outshine good looks,” and I actually believed him.
  • My left arm is lighter than my right.
  • For some stupid reason, I stopped watching House,MD September last year and took me two months to finally watch it again.
  • I hate being told to drink eight glasses of water every day. Though I’m an Aquarian, I hate water.
  • I easily get attached to things, places, songs, but not with humans.
  • I strongly agree with the fact that attraction comes first before love. If you can picture that person out naked and actually liked it, love will follow.
  • I am not fun to watch television with; I change channels every five minutes.
  • I am a good cook, but I only cook for people I like or I want to impress.
  • As much as I love cooking, I hate the fact that I have to clean my mess afterwards. That’s why I rarely cook.
  • I don’t get why misery and solitude means exactly the same for some people. It’s not even synonymous.
  • I talk a lot of gibberish while driving. I can go as fast or as slow depending on my mood and who I’m with. If I care about you, expect me to tell you to put your seatbelt on, for I might just run over a shovel again, I don’t like my passengers getting hurt you know.
  • I clean my room, ANNUALLY.
  • I have a shih tzu named “Potchi.” He likes chasing pussy cats!
  • I don’t get attracted to patients no matter how gorgeous, pretty, sexy and stunning they are. It’s either they came in to have their badly broken down teeth pulled out or calcular deposits removed, or most probably to have their abscess drained…blablabla..that being said, do you, by any chance, find those “chief complaints”appealing?
  • I love challenging people to do something unusual in exchange of anything they want that I can afford or I have. I love betting as well. Pustahan limang libo ano? Wala ka pala eh!!!
  • I have the tendency to push people away for many reasons, one of which is self-doubt. Up until now I am still wondering how the hell was I able to attract attractive human beings with this unattractive face.
  • There are times were I wish I was a dude, not just being mistaken as one, but a real dude. So I can pee wherever I want, standing.
  • I am not a fan of texting. My phone is always on a silent mode. That’s probably one of the reasons why i dOnT tYpE LhiKE tHiZzS jeJeJe.
  • I want to be a wedding singer someday.
  • I want to travel someday.
  • Funniest word I have stumbled upon the internet was “masturdate”
  • I have soft spot for assholes. Good-looking assholes, asshole looking assholes and those who aren’t even aware that they’re assholes.
  • Lately I’ve been watching UFC and Leverage.
  • I would love to own a katana someday.
  • Sexiest men alive: Brandon Boyd, Hugh Laurie, Clive Owen, Jason Mraz, Adam Sandler.
  • Girl crushes: Janet Hsieh, Sarah Meier, Alessandra Derossi, Maricar Reyes, Jennifer Morrison, Ms.Mexico,
  • I can be a great friend.
  • Never did I find oversized muscles sexy.
  • I love video games.
  • I am very creative. Instead of buying a capo for my guitar, I used a screw driver and a pony tail.
  • I google random things when I’m bored.
  • I have a high threshold for pain.
  • I love hugging people from behind as much as I love being hugged the same way.
  • I admire people who are unassuming.
  • I love riding patok jeeps.
  • Wala nako maisip. Babu.

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