kaya mag bblog nalang ako. anumpakemo.

Down and out.

down and out!
by Keysi Tot on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 5:57pm

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” -Mai’s Motto in life.

That’s why I’ve been using facebook keysitot-style for a month already. no wall, disabled comments, no news feeds from friends (all, no exceptions), blocked app invites, blocked people i don’t want to get connected with, and rejected friend requests from people I’m not really friends with. Why? that’s just how i roll. Sorry if I sound a bit arrogant.

I just want to have real conversations with old friends i haven’t talked to in ages, ex-classmates, xs, colleagues, ask “how are you?” and all that kamustahan crap and say its been a while, i missed you, and ACTUALLY mean it. gets? Because I’m at this point in my life where I’ve realized that giving a crap about everyone and everything every time is pointless. Especially if you’re not sure if that person genuinely gives a crap like you do. Plus, I’m tired counterattacking all of your bullshits.

So I’m going to start compartmentalizing, not just my facebook, but my life as a human being who doesn’t deserve to be piled up with huge amount of bullshits every day. From those who consider me as a friend only when they’re bored or broke, from egotistical exes who assumes I still have feelings for them, from people who judge me all the time, from mirror hugging btchs and aholes, good time friends who only sees me as a giant beer bong, a shuttle service driver, autoloadmaxx, and finally from people I really do care about. The last one is first on my list.

This isn’t me hating. This is me being ME. A 24 year old something who received an early wakeup call from someone I have ever really loved fully. Someone who I played push-pull game with. Someone I’ve met broken and left fixed. See, I like fixing things, situations, people who think they can’t be fixed, even if it means I’m gonna be the one left broken. Sick right? I know, that’s why It’s time for me to change. I have been perfectly still for the past years while all of you transformed into [insert noun]. Can’t deal with that anymore.

what am i gonna do with thousands of good time friends anyway when i only need a dozen of real ones?


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